It's our goal that you have an enjoyable experience playing Tweet Hunt. Please see the notes and suggestions below. If you are unable to resolve an issue or have any questions or feedback, please contact us at or @tweethuntapp on Twitter.

Issues with My Tweeps Mode
Fail Whale Messages


My Tweeps Mode

A small number of users have encountered issues with My Tweeps mode that prevent them from loading tweets from their timeline, prompting the Fail Whale screen. This issue is random and temporary, and normal behavior will resume after some time without taking any action. If you are experiencing this problem we do recommend taking the following steps:

  • Log out from within the app (tap your username/avatar on the mode select screen).
  • Exit and close Tweet Hunt entirely (so it is no longer in the multi-tasking bar).
  • Log in to on your computer and go to Settings > Applications
  • If Tweet Hunt appears in your applications, remove it. If it doesn't, that's why you weren't able to log in.
  • Relaunch Tweet Hunt.
  • Launch My Tweeps mode and re-authorize the app.

In most cases these steps will resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience.


Fail Whale Messages

  • #internetfail: If you receive this message, Tweet Hunt was unable to connect to the Internet to download tweets from Twitter to run the game. Please ensure that you are on a stable Internet connection.

  • #toomuchfun: Twitter limits requests by any user to 150 per hour. This limit applies to your ip address, so it is possible to receive this message even if you just launched Tweet Hunt, because you or other people on your network have already hit the rate limit by accessing Twitter using other apps.

  • #failwhale: At times the Twitter api has downtime and issues that are outside of my control. During these brief times Tweet Hunt will be unable to load tweets for gameplay until normal behavior resumes.

  • #fatalerror: This error should have been accompanied by an error description. The most common reason for this error is authentication issues for My Tweeps mode that often can be resolved (fix here). If you are receiving this error repeatedly, please contact me at so I can get the issue resolved.

  • #imconfused: If you are receiving this error repeatedly, please contact me at so I can get the issue resolved.