What is Google’s AMP Framework?

In the fast-moving world, we all do not want to keep waiting for things especially when it is related to technology. Be it any application or any website, we all want it to load quickly and open up quickly. According to a survey also, it is being said that if a website does not load in 5 to 6 seconds, the visitors leave the website instantly. To cope with this problem, Google founded a solution for it in the year 2016, so that it can help such websites and webpages. It is known as Google AMP. The AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. With the help of this technology, one can easily open a website without any delay. As it will hardly take one second in loading. This will also help you in saving the data, as it uses less data than before when it comes to opening the regular web pages.

What is Google AMP?

If we talk in technical terms, then Google AMP is a kind of technology made for publishing the website by creating the web pages which will load instantly or within a second on the mobile phones. So, far more than 1.5 billion AMP pages have been published by over 25 million domains.

Google AMP’s framework

We all are accessing many AMP pages every day, so we should also know how they are created. For building the AMP Pages, firstly, you should make another version of your website. And ensure that it follows the standards of the AMP Project. Once you are done with doing it, you will get a URL for your AMP website. That AMP website URL which you will get will work on different web browsers. Like it will work on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox also. When you visit or open any AMP Page from the Google search results, they will load very fast. It is because Google does the hosting of the AMP webpages on the servers of Google. And then it directly served the content on its website.

Those who are using the AMP Project technology will be happy to know, that Google gives more importance to such web pages when it is about the search engine ranking. For all sort of news stories, AMP is required for getting the number one rank among the search results on the mobile. However, AMP is not linked to the search engine optimization, but it helps in boosting the search engine ranking. Now, you all would have understood the importance of Google AMP.

Why Google AMP was created?

If you have read above how Google AMP framework works, you would have got an idea about why it is necessary. Let’s know in details why it was created. When we all surf the internet and we search, we want to get quick search results. So, to help the users to get quick search results and to enhance the speed of the search results, Google has done it. Google wants its users to be able to access the content in just fraction of seconds. Because Google also understands that in this competitive environment, no one wants to wait for a website to load or to browse any content. So, this was created basically for the user’s benefit only.

Benefits of Google AMP

Google AMP has helped the webpage developers a lot and it is at present helping the news websites also. There are many benefits of Google AMP, which people should know which we have mentioned below.

  • Increase in Mobile Ranking – As we just mentioned above that AMP is not directly linked with the search engine ranking. But it affects the search engine ranking positively. As it helps to load a website faster, so Google gives more importance to websites which are using AMP Framework.
  • Improvement in the Server Performance – This is especially for those websites which have tons of traffic on their website accessed using a mobile phone. The load on your website because of huge traffic can downgrade its performance. But that load can be reduced with the help of the AMP. It not just reduces the load of traffic on the server, but it also enhances the performance of the server.