DIY Website Platforms Wix Vs. WordPress


WordPress is the tool designed and created with customized website in order to create a blog, personal portfolio or to create a business website where you can sell your products and services in your day to day activity within WordPress.

Though WordPress looks like tough to manage from outside but as you start working with it , it is intuitive from hosting to installing a theme and building your first page.

Once you have your hosting set up, you’ll have to purchase your domain name. Like you would do with any type of website, you have to pay for your domain names. The price varies depending on the domain extension (.com, .org, .info, etc). However, .com is always recommended if it is available.

All of these hosts have an option to purchase domain names through them, and you’ll have to purchase your domain name before installing WordPress.


Wix is a website building platform which is easy to use and allows you to create your site the way you want to in a simple method using drag and drop method. It has many professionally designed templates to build a site with one blank template. No coding skill is required as said it can be used by anyone. Price of this ranges from $18 month and the plan whichever you chose and the domain you select such as

Easy to start with anyone as it is user friendly allows the you want to create your site look like , all you have to do is select the proper image , text, contact, forms then drag and drop at the proper place you want to.

If we talk about the cost of the website, its maintenance and building a website would run in hundreds or thousand dollars. It is free of charge too.

Wix through Business:

It has service where it offers 200 applications which you can add to your website like wix bookings, wix restaurants etc. There is nothing to do with your website or business needs still you have an option where you can manage at one place. is one of the leading platforms with millions of users universally. This website is easy to create beautiful and professional websites. It is up to you how you manage your site, showcase with any business you want to set up as it is a personalized and high quality free website.

Wix VS WordPress

Wix was not known before you can say before two years but now if you ask me there are many players one of among them is Wix.

The biggest difference between these two is WordPress is standalone software it means you need to install on a web server. Whereas wix is a tool you sign up for and once you sign up it allows you to build, manage your website all with in Then automatically it takes care of hosting and other technical heavy lifting. It is similar to Google Docs vs MS Word.